What am I expecting from my life - ‘future short plans and projects’

Hello Medium. Today I’m not going to stress you with the same images about my works, my NFTs, giving you the idea I’m just here to sacrifice your time by reading a meaningless notorius article that has the only goal to attract more views in order to sell more quickly :). . there are a lot of these kind I think. Yes, I’m an artist I gotta sell and sometimes as soon as possible because I gotta live, as anyone else human on the planet, but, not today; today, I was wondering about myself, what I’m doing, about my life and what I’m going to get over the only professional expectancies.

I’m deeping inside and I took a clever sight into my soul, and I decided to share this profound moment with you; I was expecting so much outcomes in these last months; more had come, other will, maybe yes or not, I do not care now, it did but I learnt that there are more important things in life that deserve to be reached out that comes before work and all the rest; our friends, family, people who we love, people who we like to be in touch with, what make us feel better and healthy, what make us free, what make us feel happy.


Everything around us has been designed to make us “happy”; productivity, buy and sell, houses, comfortable devices, suitable suits, trends, market, colored lights, a world created by human shape for all of us; perfect and seductive, all is rapid and handle. We hide behind a lens of normality and we intentionally forget who we are and we are not trained since childhood to know the real nature of ourself deeply. We grow up under an invisible dome of glass that has 2 faces; by a hand it nurtures us, on the other it enslaves us; we think all we have to do is right, has a sense because it’s the way it always used to be and we had been convinced by the idea things will never change, the world is what it is and there is nothing to do; our life is this and we have to accept it. . we do not have to pretend more, we’re happy, we’re happy. . it sounds randomly as a loop inside our brain and we started to think it is normal; but what is the real thing that make us happy?

About me? I think the best thing that make me feel happy is the sense of freedom

Yep, freedom is my unique goal in life, having the possibility to turn around and go up and down whenever I want, like a savage animal that does not have to respond to nothing. Work is important, I do not deny it, money the same, but I think we tend to focus to much energies for these things and we risk to lose what is really cool for us.


I have only one project now forward; it is to keep on making art and try to be more human and a less working machine, try to spend less hours in front of a laptop and more in doing something of relaxing that make me grow furtherly as a person and not only as a resource stuck in a “buying & selling” system.

Thank you for reading till here, hope you appreciated my thought :) see you next article.



Visual & Nft artist

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