The most influential plugin behind my NFT creations

3 min readOct 6, 2021


Chaos: one of my first abstract NFTs made in 2020 present on SuperRare marketplace.

It will certainly have happened to you as an artist to have a mental block and not be able to find the right source of inspiration for the creation of an idea for a work of art, even if the idea was clear and clear in your mind, sure you were be able to put it on canvas or pc in no time.

Sometimes ideas run fast in our minds, sometimes they appear for a while, then disappear and there is no way to recapture them or save them in our mind. Many artists, (especially beginners but as it also happened to me at the first times), struggle to give shape to what they have in their mind, or, they manage to represent what they see with the eyes of the right hemisphere but in the end the work shows gaps in execution, showing either a poor aesthetic taste or a lack of technical knowledge.

In reality, perhaps, it is neither a flaw nor the other but at times, a problem of source of inspiration. Speaking of my experience as an artist, I noticed that I gave shape to my best works not when I had the most superb ideas, and not because I have a master’s technique, but almost exclusively when I was hit by the right stimulus that I personally named “plugin” at the right time. Look at Chaos, the abstract work in photo above that I gave birth in the summer of 2020, it is not special nor particularly a touch from a champion, but it took shape in just about 2 hours.

I tell you the truth; when I went to my pc to start the work I didn’t really know what I would do, I didn’t know which brushes to use exactly or what kind of image I wanted to create; basically I was breaking all the rules we often set ourselves. Rules and more rules, analyzes, schemes, rhythms, projects down to the smallest detail, when perhaps, to create the best things, all you have to do is rely on your inner instinct, fueled and excited by even the smallest detail that we casually cross with our eyes even for a second. Be natural, and do not think or prepare to much sometimes.

So, do you want to know what was the plugin that inspirated me in realizing this creation? well, it was meanwhile I ordered a book by Stephen Hawking whose title was “From the Big Bang to Black Holes - A short history of time”. The idea of ​​time and the speed with which space would expand suddenly influenced me, giving me inspiration for something but not knowing what rationally; I went to the pc and let that my hands would think of everything.

“ Always be yourself, listen to your within ’’

It is the message that I wanted to transmit to you. Hopefully can help you if you are an artist as a possible way out of crisis when you got stuck and not able to proceed in creation.

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