The destruction derby _ “the 4 chaos bringer of my concept-art gallery”

3 min readNov 1, 2021


Hello Medium. Today I would like to share with you 4 of my most terrifying and shocking concepts never made. Old pieces of art realized by using matte-paintings and photo-compositing techniques, that costed me hours and hours of hard working behind my “best” friends Mr. Envy Notebook :)

Let’s begin with the number one, realized by being inspired from the 2007 amazing movie “I am legend”.


I am legend concept.

For this work i used an original Brooklin bridge pic and then spent hours to reduce it like as a ruined and rusted piece of junk.


5th ave concept.

This work is 5th Ave. The original pic used for the base support was a 5th ave photography made by a corner. I had to cut it in 2 parts and then distort dragging the 2 sections of the pic outward to convey a sense of more deepen and huge atmosphere.


after human concept.

This work has no presentation; just watch it by yourself and you will get the meaning :).

Try to imagine that human race is extincted since a lot and in the meanwhile the earth nature spread out like milions years ago. And now, try to imagine if a giant alien race would land on earth; what would they find?.


the day after tomorrow concept.

This concept has been designed taking inspiration by the Emmerich’s 2004 movie, where human population has to face with a cataclysm that obly them to fall on their knees.

Sometimes people tend to think that to be an artist is easy; just grab a brush or pencil, piece of canvas or paper and go to mark it as it comes; unfortunately it is not true.

Being an artist is a hard work and you must be full of creativity and open-minded always touching the edges of your limits; that’s the only way you have to improve your works.

This gallery I shared with you I made it for fun and for personal project reasons, to practice and overcome my span of abilities. Hope you enjoy them :)

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Thank you for reading, see you next article.