“ThE CiRCUs” available soon on SuperRare.

3 min readJun 2, 2022


this is the circus promo image for launching the drop on superrare.
ThE CiRCUs promo

Hello public of Medium.

ThE CiRCUs is my next drop soon available on Superrare Nft market.

ThE CiRCUs is a work that belong to a series of 4 drops where the main subject is the losing of control and power by the hand of animals. Human technology progression more advance more sacrifice always more natural spaces causing suffering and sometimes accelerating the natural extinction processes of biological life forms on the planet.

Animals used to be kings in their territories since long times ago, are reduced slaves by the human artificial strenghts and domine power lust enforced by their hi-tech equipment. Earth is changed fastly because human direct activity and sistematical interventions, where everything once seen as outstanding landscape to preserve and live in, is now seen as a source of expendable and selling portion of material without value if not the interest they afford to list on it.

ThE CiRCUs shows an elephant as subject that is ridiculed by humans and changed from a giant pachyderm, king of its reign, in a clown inside a CiRCUs with the only purpose to entertain people. The gears that surround it set behind its head are the icons of what it has become to our eyes; an object that we can buy and sell as we want, deciding for its own life if it is or not useful to our financial interest.

It represents the enslavement process in which the strong animal is turned into a harmless puppy. Human egocentrism feels satisfaction for these actions even shame, because the capability to do so thanks to his weapons that make him presume to be a great master, instead to be shaken internally, in the soul, for this grave snub to one of the most powerful nature creation.

We had acquired the power of life or death, this acquisition had contributed to generate the mental illusion to domine whatever we want with the false perception that our actions won’t have any consequences that will fall on us.

Humans, psychologically mislead by their skills had lost the contact with reality, sinking in a collective psychosis where the only things they are by now able to do are buying and selling, consuming the life and its forms itself.

The work is not an image but a mp3 video.

The file is 30 MB weight and high resolution quality.

Below you can see the timelapse.

check also the drop I posted on facebook to have an idea. Hope you like it!.

I do not have an official date yet for releasing, it should be by next weeks, anyway stay tuned for updates that will come very soon on my socials expecially twitter :)

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