Suspended.. a new drop on Superrare

2 min readMay 12


Suspended a new artwork on superrare

Hi everyone. What does the image you see remind you of? A shapeless set of abstract figures put down at random, a mass of fluid matter without solidity, without meaning, without a backbone, which shows how an incapable artist takes the trouble to point out his lack of talent to the world? No, it’s not like that, if you look closely, carefully and intensely, you will see in the disturbing shape in front of you, take shape a kind of anthropomorphic being, a kind of man, a transcended man, a human being who is in transition from a phase being terminated to a better destination.

Suspended emphasizes the theme of despair.

A depriving state that takes away all the joy of living and being, transforming the unfortunate person into a dehumanized object in search of help in order to survive. There is no time for weaknesses, no excuses, no regrets, what matters is just getting by using your nails and teeth, exactly like the figure in the scene I made.

If you look closely at the image, you can clearly see a human figure with his right arm raised almost intent on grabbing someone else’s hand, while the other arm is stretched downwards as if the character were pushing himself from the bottom up. high, as if there were a mysterious force that makes him resurface from the void of the abyss, of his inner abyss. The right leg tends forward as if the man had taken a running start and leapt forward with all his strength to escape the misfortune of his fate. His head is tilted back slightly and his mouth is open. The man is screaming his cry of anger and joy at the same time; the joy of feeling alive and spewing it in the face of the one who is in front of him. The abstract man gives it his all, he jumps, he flees, he gives himself strength, he doesn’t give up. Now it’s up to the other to decide whether to save it or let it fall back into the gloom of nothingness, back into the emptiness that dwells inside the mind, the absence of meaning that spreads in the depths of the psyche risking going crazy without anyone reaching out a hand in support sign. Who knows if our hero will make it, who knows what the scene imprinted in the picture will end up.

The final solution is up to you

I hope you like the new work, it will soon be available on Superrare. I can’t tell you when yet, but if you check my profile regularly you will find updates there. I leave you the link to visit my Superrare page.

Thank you all for reading see you soon!.