Nibiru._. new drop soon on Superrare

Hello my friends, it is been a long time. I got very busy in these last months and I took some time for me. I had to think about my next proxime future as artist; what I wanted to do, if I wanted to go on creating new stuff, experimenting, watching what was coming through out my mind.

It was the nothing for months I was feeling like a failure, I did not have many bids in the last year, I began to consider the clou to quit because my art make suck…

I decided to put these all negative thoughts out of the door and trying getting more focused about my creativity and my strengths.

In the meantime while I was experiencing a shitstorm of bad emotions, I laid behind my laptop and I started to orientate what I felt turning into something of costructive and innovative.

I named it Nibiru, as a wonderful magic, alien and unknown world exiting out of our planet system, where things happen without our control and our consciousness. Maybe it exits, maybe not, that’s not the point; this work, full of passion and dynamic, want to take you over the normality, over the common and boring daily routine, making you close your eyes and imagine.

Soon on Superrare, have a good week end guys.



Visual & Nft artist

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