New single edition Drop on boarding; ( abstract style has begun )

Oct 15, 2021


Hello Community. I write this article in order to showing you my latest mint on SuperRare. The start date is today 15 October. The Nft will be available for sale tomorrow at this link:

Price listing

Price for this Nft is set up on 0.5 ETH. It is a fixed active price that won’t change. Auctions are not considered.


The work is high detailed and high quality guaranteed, 4K resolution.

size: 4264 x 3544 pixels

weight: 4,82 MB

Hope my work could be appreciated and good valuated.

If you like what I do and you would like to follow me:

superrare: adriano_cada85

makersplace: adriano_cadau

twitter: cadau85

instagram: adriano_cadau