New collection for NFT enthusiast; #Arborescent | Foundation release

arborescent | Foundation collection

It has been very intense weeks what I had just took. I’m happy to share with you all my third collection recently released this time on FOUNDATION, one of the most popular and choosen Marketplaces on the NFT marker by crypto-artists universe.

Arborescent: The story behind

Every collection of mine has a personal story, concept and meaning on its shoulders. I do not want to spoiler you and I share my webpage direct link:


The first drop

Arborescence #1

Arborescence #1

The others #3 brothers coming soon :)

If you like what you see and would like to stay tuned with me, about next releases and updates just sign this link, where you will be able to access to all my world:

Enjoy, see you to the next article.



Visual & Nft artist

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