My recent NFTs for sale; 2 drops searching for home

freedom & nekomata; 2 drops for sale

Hello Medium Community. Today I would like to share with you these 2 drops still without home. They have been minted at the beginning of the this month (1° October) and reached out about 250 views both till now on SuperRare. They are single edition with a unique story behind the composition that had led my inspiration to create them;


Freedom is an abstract artwork that represents the struggle of man compared with an angel that get unchained from the slavery of ignorance and dominion. The power of the symbol of angel itself is uncorruptible and unbreakable. The work is available here:

2. Nekomata


Nekomata is a horror composition inspired by the mythological japanese history on a demonic cat that used to bring pain and suffer by the legend. It is nearly always pictured as a orange or red hair color, but I wanted to choose the black because it conveys more sense of anxiety in my opinion. The work is available here:

List price

Price has been set on 0.5 ETH for both.

Always offer high quality, originality and uniqueness and high detailed resolution.

if you like my works and would like to support me follow me at:

superrare: adriano_cadau85

makersplace: adriano_cadau

twitter: cadau85

instagram: adriano_cadau

Thank you for reading this article and for your interest for NFTs world!



Visual & Nft artist

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