My “Psychadelic” work experience

2 min readFeb 28, 2022


Evasion trip, psychadelic abstract work of art

“Between psyche & reality”

It is impressive to imagine what it is possible to create through the help of one’s own creative mind; you get up in the morning like every day but with something that frills in your head without understanding what it is and what form it can have, and how to give it to among other things. An improper image, blurry but strong and defined in its unconscious message, which all of a sudden takes on the sharp appearance in your head of an admirable strange and multifaceted painting.

This is exactly what happened to me when I was self-inspired to shape this work of art. I had something in my mind that was not the usual abstract result of a thousand copy and paste that can now be seen every day on the net, disputed and left to age on some disused site or platform, but something more original, with unique characteristics which are not easily found in the majority of the works circulating on the web. Evasion trip tells the story of how you can see the world from your self when you live an experience of pure distortion of reality, when following multiple traumas or the abuse of infinite substances you open your eyes, observe what surrounds you and you realize that the usual shapes and colors belong to a distant past; everything is broken up, dissolving and devoid of logical forms. The shapes, the definition of the bodies that we are so used to using to understand the world around us appear fragmented, divergent and totally fluid, without composure. Everything swirls quickly and the colors mix in turpid of gaudy and strong hues, literally driving the senses crazy.

A disturbing, unexpected, but equally exciting journey, which intrigues, destabilizes and relaxes, bringing to life an escalation of unforgettable emotions that lead to a world of fantasy from which it becomes difficult to escape once you enter as a result of the pleasure derived from escaping the monotony and chaos of everyday life.

“a cure for the pain”

With this work, I wanted to emphasize the aspects of life’s difficulties and how many people may prefer imprisonment in a prison made of psychosis and distortion induced by external agents to real life where the appeal to current events of things is powerful, and they are called to act directly in search of effective solutions to their problems.

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