My .:OFFICIAL:. /Discord/ NftCommunity

2 min readApr 8, 2022


my Discord server

Hello Community of Medium.

I have the pleasure to communicate that my NFT_Community has been created on Discord.

My litte space is open to everyone who likes Nfts, Enthusiasts, expecially Artists & Collectors.

Only amazing art showed.

Cool projects and designs are exposed in my server even though there is still few people in it. A lot of work still to be done :D. Personally I’m working on a new series part of a special project called .:Neurodivergence:. .. (to know more join my group).

Anyway, you will see the best people in my space can offer. Everyone of them is a friend for me, and we all share our efforts there is behind the goal to ride the waves.

I expect a great grow in the next months but, as a concrete person as I am, I want to face things one by one, and let the time to be my master.

I’m young and still a lot of new things to learn from.

Yes, it’s hard to say but it is the true; every day I face with my limitations, and support for me is very important.

Managing a group is hard and complicated, and it requires great time, patient and dedication, all things the time can reward.

If you are an ARTIST or COLLECTOR or easly you like this new Nft world, do not esitate and get one of us by join here:

Wait for you numerous! stay tuned :D.