My next steps on [SuperRare] as an artist; “first abstract collection”

2 min readNov 17, 2021


Wander abstract collection, next on SuperRare

Hello Medium. Today I’d like to talk about my next NFT work series that I’m going to mint as soon as possible on SuperRare and share with you all.

The big image above shows 4 abstract works that apparently tells nothing but they are linked together by an invisible wire.

The title of this collection is: WANDER.

Wander is an abstract collection designed to evocate and recall the misery of isolation and solitudine feelings that spread out in our society. My intention is this gallery could work as a reminder on which it is important the most for us and what is not.

a lot of people feel like to be alone even when they are accompanied

The main theme of my collection that reigns inside all the 4 works that you can see represented as a spaceship is the act of wandering in the social contests which we live in. It is the metaphorical symbol of the lost man inside the great apple of the world, that ask himself the reason why and the meaning of life itself.

Wander would like to be a support to all those people who live ignored and completely feel abandoned by society as it forgot of them. They live as others do, go to work have a life, but constantly feel like to not belong to anywhere and to anyone, as all the beauty around won’t take into account of themselves. No considerations, no noises; living as a material ghosts.

when will the collection be minted

There is still no a date for Wander release for now. I hope in a couple of weeks maybe by the end of the next month. Anyway, I will write a new official article once the minting begin about a week before the SuperRare feature launch starts.

The collection is not superficial as meaning and I personally hope that the message could reach many hearts and shove to think and reflect on our society’s undervalued problems.

Abstraction is my mean to give shape to these argouments, with colours and strong brush strokes.

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