My biography; “a little space of my life”

4 min readMar 2, 2022


photo by valeriygoncharukphoto on EnvatoElements.

Hi guys after more than 10 articles uploaded including, many of which I dedicated to showing you my works, I would say that the time has come for me to go into a little more detail and take with me a short journey of my life, on who I am, and what I do.

myself :D

my life in less than ten lines :)

My name is Adriano cadau, I am Italian and I am 36 years old. I have a strong passion for abstract and surreal art because it fully matches my way of seeing the world;

“superficial chaos, logic and reason deeping down”

I believe that abstraction is a technique to expose one’s emotions, naked, appearing irrational while maintaining a lucid ability to describe a particular theme or phenomenon through subliminal messages that are understandable only to a few people. Art is more connection with reality than a person can imagine, it helps to live with one’s demons by externalizing them and trapping them on a canvas, or in my case, behind a monitor. Art is pure therapy, perhaps at times a more effective medicine than many drugs.

“it helps us to live better, and relieve the pains”

In my life, outside the artistic world I have carried out countless activities, always looking for something better, the best solution or the best opportunity; I am a rather curious person, loves to know things and does not stop at appearances, always trying, or almost, to discover the truths hidden behind something before issuing guidance or making a single decision.

“I know how to be very indecisive”

It is a feature that very often conflicts with what is systematically requested by society, where you must always know everything and immediately :). Very often they have misjudged me for this but I’m used to it. It is a feature that very often conflicts with what is systematically requested by society, where you must always know everything and immediately :). Very often they have misjudged me for this but I’m used to it. I am a quiet and reasonable person who is unlikely to be attracted by the seemingly friendly easy flattery that in reality, at times, hides treachery or ulterior motives from another person.

I have a degree in socio-health techniques (anything but art :)) and I have been a digital artist for some years interested in blockchain and NFTs. I discovered this strange and exciting world by chance while I was back in 2019 in Bologna at the Booming Contemporary Art show, where I got to know the platform that allowed me to seriously start monetizing my works; SuperRare. At the beginning I was a bit doubtful as art has always been considered as a not very useful and absolutely unpaid pastime but in the end I decided to sign up. Today, after about 3 years, I am also on Makersplace and Foundation where I have shared 3 of my collections of works with the spaces;


I had partecipating to MADS Art Gallery of Milan ExibitionThe world revolves around me” on date 28 January to 3 February 2022 where a wide audience had the opportunity to view my works.

About Arts I’m a self taught one, I just attended a graphic design course in 2014 took one year long and had the ACA (adobe certified association) certification. I came up with abstraction alone, day by day, step by step, by explorying, researching and watching masters as Bakaarts a pioneer in the digital art world, starting with easy photo compositing to advanced ones till handmade drawings and then turned into digital. I like adopting different styles and shifting interests from science-fiction to actual themes. Other pioneers I consider as my source of constant inspirations are: Fabio la Fauci, Skygolpe, Hisartwork and many others.

from left; Skygolpe, Hisartwork, fabio la Fauci.

“how my works are made of”

All my art is created in Photoshop CC and digitally painted. Recently I started to draw and then transfer in the laptop subsequently. It happened that someone on Reddit asked me if they were made as AI or new techs but it is not; I only make unique and digital stuff. I count to mark this thing in order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes that could compromise my work or intentions. I use particular brushes and create special effects that could generate an effect similar to AI (it is true) but it is not the same technique.

“what do I expect from the future”

Recently I am working on new works and new ideas, which concern rather delicate and important topics; neurodivergence and diversity. Soon I will release news about it. Anyway, this could be my permanent field of interest for the future. So, the next generation of works may have this theme as basement of construction.

I invite you to keep in touch with me. This is my profile where you can find all my updated details :)