My best Nft work of ever; [‘in their opinion’]

2 min readOct 11, 2021


Fantastic rhino; released last year on ( received the most relevant number of favorites )

Hello Medium Community. After being silently apart for a couple of days I decided to come out with this article and share what was the general idea of people based on SuperRare about one of my first drop that I minted on this outstanding and second to none cryptoart Makersplace.

Comments and feedbacks, as you know, are very important in genre, but most expecially when you are creating a business or simply have the goal to build a follow queue on social networks for instance either for hobby or other amatorial purpose. You must be ready to be open-minded person both whoever support your works and to anyone who move you a critique. Critiques, in my experience, your maybe too, had given me the pulse to take seriously on what I was doing, focusing on details that I had surely neglected putting in evidence little mistakes and lacks that I was convinced I never done. The same reasoning is valid for your strenghts as much as referring to your weakness too.

The Nft you see, Fantastic rhino, was the most favorite I had done about the feedbacks that I received. 17 favorites is a lot on SuperRare, considering numerous amazing artworks that got sold out even after 15 minutes being minted, do not receive over than 4, sometimes 3. My question was: What was in this opera so particular? Honestly speaking I do not have an aswer to give you. I do not think is neither the concept nor the colors; it could be the subject I guess.

“ What did I learn? “

The outcomes you got teach you along the path of growing and let you know what works and what not. Those 17 favorites taught me that people like animals, colorful scenarios, strange effects on a first plan subject in a specific position or species. I taught that what was unimportant for me was everything for others eyes. They taught me to look forward my mistakes, and to keep a close eye on apparent and insignificant details. In this article, I wanted to make you reflect on how much the others point of view important is over yours, and that there is an only way to improve that it is by consideration;

Consideration of others, consideration of their opinions, consideration of their thoughts, consideration of their tastes, considerations of their point of view, bacause there is not only yours. We’re all different and we can learn each other only if we are humble enough to recognize that we are not perfect.

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Hope you found it useful, see you to the next article!.