I had some IQ tests recently and I had good results. I'm a member of an IQ Society. I had read many books. I'm 36 years old and I discovered to be Asperger just last year. I had bullying around me, they offended me, they insulted me, they never accepted me. I spent the half part of my life alone. I'm not considering myself successful in life. I dropped out school at 16. I'm studyng at University right now and I'm scared to fail. Who am I? Very often I stay in silence in the dark thinking about my future, my life, what I'd lost, what I'd earned and the answer is unknown. I had been thinking about intelligence for over than one year also now and I do not still know how to define it.

Italian abstract NFT cryptoartist. My focus is to represent the mental precariousness of human condition through my art. My links at https://linktr.ee/cadau85.

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