How my [autistic spectrum] “affected” my art_style

2 min readNov 15, 2021


metamorph, a work belong to a collection soon on SuperRare

Hello Medium. How my art_style is changed since I knew to be an autistic person and how I realized my definitive way to express my feelings.

The title of the article leaves no doubts and does not raise misinterpretations regarding the meaning I want to convey to you; the way I make art has literally undergone a strong and rigorous variation since I got the Asperger’s syndrome diangosis.

For me the world is no longer the same; the awareness of seeing things and feeling them in a different way, the perceptive fullness that comes from a deeper and more detailed reception of things, pushed me to review the close relationship with my art. A relationship that before the diagnosis was mainly based on the visual and beauty of the scenarios I represented. Now, my focus is no longer to represent how I see reality, but to extrapolate what I feel I have inside, what emotions I associate with the sensations that overwhelm me internally through the use of imperfect, crumbling, fragmented and pointed forms; an abstract configuration of reality.

What did I figured out?

What better than abstract art can give a voice to a soul in pain, suffering, angry, furious, screaming if not the formlessness of abstraction, a soul that suffers but does not show it, a restless soul, which would like very often disappear and leave everything behind without looking back. This is how I very often feel, aimlessly, without a tomorrow, strong but weak at the same time, as if there were two souls inside me fighting at the end of their strength without winning or losing.

An endless neurotic conflict.

It is precisely this conflict of mine and the path of evolution that I have undertaken with the diagnosis, which has led me from darkness to the light of the truth that from now on I intend to show with my works; works of extreme contortion, pungency and visual elegance, bright colors, warm, dynamic, sensual and cutting. I order to explain better, by giving you a demonstrative example, I share this Twitter link where you can see a post of a collection (which metamorph above is part in):

The theme of the collection, which currently does not have a name, is the rebirth of man from the bowels of his shadow, emerges, undergoes a transformation and finally he reborns.

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