How do I choose the right price for my NFT art?_-_…

photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya — Unsplash.

Many times as an NFT artist or in general you may be wondering this question, whistling and asking for it that it was worthwile or not. We do not have to forget that prices are the concreted value that we give to our work and it reflects our own reliability and self work estimation.

Many artists, as I saw in my experience (even me too) got the undercurrent to set low and cheaper prices, in my opinion mostly for 2 reasons:

It is not a wrong way of mind, I got it, but I think it is better for an artist to take it’s own work seriously by giving the appropriate price setting quite since the first mint, and that’s why:

do not make my mistakes as a beginner.

When I started with SuperRare in 2019 I remember I had accepted three very low offers. I thought it was right in that period because it were my first drops, I did not have a known brand and I thought that if I hadn’t accepted those offers no one will had bought my art pieces.

nothing more wrong was real..

My reasoning was rational and right by a hand, but in that way I contributed to build a cheap and understimated brand of my art to the other, that costed me undervalued offers for the next 2 years till 2021 when I started to set 4 digits list prices that made earn little more.

I swore to myself that I will never accepted low offers and I started to set an invisible line where a minimum price must be reached to be considered as right bid.

Your work count, never forget it, you spend yor life in creating and even remuneration field must be meticulously considered and not neglected.

I give you 2 tips: first, if you are uncertain about the price to set, surf the web or better surf the marketplace pages you like to share your works on, in order to give an idea of the medium floor that flow in it. For example, SuperRare and Foundation have high floors, respectevely around 1.5 eth and 0.6 eth about.

Second, be careful to invest your minting fees in a worth and big marketplace. Tax free and quality is not possible in my opinion, you always have something to pay for a more trusty-protected and secure system blockchain where to share your works. Duplications and frauds are more frequent on low price marketplaces.

Hope you find my article useful, hear you soon!.



Visual & Nft artist

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