WANDER collection; 4 drops set on SuperRare

3 min readDec 28, 2021


Hello Medium. I can’t believe it. After months of work and preparation of the appropriate material, always exasperated and unsure what I was doing, always worried that it wasn’t enough, finally, I launched my first project on SuperRare to show; an ambitious project that puts me back in the game both as a man and as an artist; yes as a man, because the collection deals with complex and delicate issues that are very dear to me as they have personally touched me in life along the years.

Wander is not just yet another collection created for the sole purpose of earning and being “just known”, but it is the result of a search for life, the expression of a feeling, the sharing of an experience, the set of emotions and experiences that have made me grow over time, despite retaining many defects as a man even today; in my flaws and my strengths, I want people to remember me through this collection of 4 simple works not only from the visual point of view of colors and art itself, but to become part of its manifest concept by sharing its more hidden meaning.

For this reason, I urge my followers and visitors to carefully read the story behind the scenes, because it contains the essence of the collection itself, which supports everything that I consider “the atmosphere” of the whole work.

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I can give you a short excert:

“WANDER is a #4 artworks collection where the main focus is concentrated on the theme of loneliness and strong emotions that derive from perceiving oneself abandoned to oneself. What does it mean in depths to feel alone and useless, sacrificed by an unclean and perfidious destiny to wander in the indifference of invisibility in the eyes of others and of the world in which one lives?. It could be an illusion of the mind, a mirage, an evanescent image that dissolves before the eyes but the weight of that perception remains, is felt and the burden deriving from its weight on the soul will be devastating.

It is known, ourselves, our identity modulation depends by the way others shape the image of ourselves and the relation we have with it is related to our ability to accomplish the others desires and expectations. When we excellence, it’s all good, when we want to be who or what we want to,without taking into account others opinions, we fail, or worse, we got destroyed. The whole entire world that surround us collapse and there is no neither hand nor help willing to sustain us. Wander is a tribute to all these situations that we constantly live in daily routine and that we had personally experimented once in life, or, heard or read on a newspaper distracted by the idea it will never happen to us”.

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