Evasion trip, new drop on Superrare

3 min readMar 18


evasion trip

Hello Medium. I’m happy to introduce you my next drop on Superrare that will be available on the market by tomorrow.

“Evasion trip want to face a matter”

Evasion trip focuses on the theme of addiction to substances, not only psychotropic or narcotic substances, alcohol or smoking in general, but on addiction as an ineluctable and inevitable passion of the human species.

Everything that we like, that fascinates us, can at the same time corrupt our soul and persuade us not to turn our gaze towards it, almost forcing us unconsciously to deeply believe that we cannot do without it.

“It becomes an obsession, a drug”

We are easily conditioned, fragile beings who are strong in appearance and constantly need to feel recognized and loved.

When this irrepressible desire fails for any number of reasons, the addiction seems obvious. A way to escape from the tragedy and fear of the judgment of others on one’s failure, or on what can be perceived as such, becomes the only appropriate prerogative for the continuation of one’s existence.

“A little description of the opera”

The work shows precisely the effect of this damaging mechanism. The distorted image, full of effects and gaudy colors, teeming with creatures from the unknown depths of the mind, reflects the image that the obsessed and addicted man has of himself, not only unilaterally but from both the parties, both from how the person perceives himself and from how the other can see him for what he has become in the course of the worsening of his pathological condition.

A man who no longer even appears as such, but as a manifest dream representation of a hallucination. A metamorphic hallucination that continuously changes its shape, becoming almost immaterial, intangible to the eye, where everything merges into an extemporaneous continuum in an abstract world, where the senses and the perception of time and space no longer exist. It is the image of a grown man, toxic and hallucinated, totally wandering and detached from reality.

The colors want to reproduce in the abstract the psychedelic and polychromatic effect of the hallucination deriving from the chronic intoxication of one’s addiction. Strong, lively and dynamic, they disfigure the face of real man, transforming him into an entity stripped of his own human identity. The work has been completely made digitally from drawing to coloration.

evasion trip sketch

The link to the drop is here:


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I had recently changed my name in a new one more appropriate and unsual, that more reflect my personal life and expectancies :), A’_’3tik. I will dedicate a post on it, where I’ll explain the origin of this art name. Be connected and enjoy the week end.