2° NFT collection on MakerSplace; PLATFORM 2B | 4 abstract works

3 min readDec 8, 2021


Platform 2B abstract collection.

Hello Medium. After months of waiting and procrastination, I am finally going to upload the second collection consisting of 4 abstract works called PLATFORM 2B on the MakerSplace platform.
It was a very tiring job not so much from the technical point of view of realization but from its significant point of view; Platform 2B recalls the many difficulties that man encounters in his daily life starting from childhood up to the after-effects of adult life; an endless journey through ups and downs, chaos, joys, grudges, moments of light and shadow, all seasoned with a good and intense touch of sarcasm. Let’s face it, life is beautiful if you don’t take it seriously :).

The intent of the abstract series is to deal with these complex and delicate themes and recontextualize them in a grotesque and bizarre, almost ridiculous way, but always careful not to hurt the sensitivity in this inherent theme, taking into account its seriousness, almost trying to make people forget the anxiety and moodiness that are automatically triggered by the mere thought of it.

It is not the first time that I find myself dealing with life and everyday life through works of art; even the WANDER collection, soon available on SuperRare, although for now I don’t know when, I’m waiting for a feedback for a collaboration for the launch, deals with similar issues unlike that Wander focuses more on aspects of sociality such as socialization and isolation, themes in my opinion very current and often deliberately ignored and underestimated, which touch me, to tell the truth, very closely in the personal having always been a very introverted, solitary and sensitive person on a character level.

PLATFORM 2B evokes the difficulty of everyday life, through the use of figures and symbolisms such as mainly the presence of a kind of aircraft that flies and orientates itself randomly in space, always fleeing from something dark, which appears to chase it, that aimlessly support it; a one-way journey which is life, without counting on the help of anyone, often in anguish and anxiety for the fear of not making it and not being able to look others in the eyes for the shame of facing one’s failure. The degraded, destroyed and decadent environments depicted with a good dynamic and warm pictorial touch using jagged brushes that reproduce dispersive and defragmented images, tread and emphasize this reality, a reality in which we all live and are involuntary participants and actors.

The series consists of 4 pieces where each has a 2-letter acronym that when put together form the word NR, AT, MA, TA.
This is the famous game NIER_AUTOMATA, of which I am a huge fan (I’m playing it), which I decided to integrate into the composition as a supporting key as the theme of the game is set in a corroded, apocalyptic and degraded context of reality, where the war and the resulting suffering is king.

Take a look to my drops:

NR #1

AT #2

MA #3

TA #4

Hope you like the article and my collection.

It will be available for sale by this friday on MakerSplace at this link:


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